Welcome to this music map, an interactive representation of relations between the musical genres from the dawn of time and an humble alternative jaunt in the nuggets’ heart of the musical jungle.



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About us

Musicalized is an interactive representation of relationships between main musical genres. It retraces music history from its beginning until this day, discover the complexity of its historical influences, taste the richness of its mixtures and glimpse its secrets.

This global synthesis aspires to awaken your curiosity, to facilitate access to culture. For those who crave to expand their knowledge about music, Musicalized offers to find the key to understand all music trends, heirs of meaningful developments in history and themselves triggering revolutions to come.

Represented as a family tree for the sake of clarity, Musicalized is based on the knowledge and appreciation of aficionados with various experience rather than the outcome of automated content rating algorithms. Explore nearly 500 genres, as so many musical cardinal points. They all have their je ne sais quoi, so you just have to keep your ears open and take time to listen without prejudice.

We value art and culture by its lasting historical significance, and no art is as universal, omnipresent and diversified as music. Keep in mind that the essence of art is not riding the wave, but learning to admire the ocean.